Why Start Blogging?

Why blog at all?


In my opinion, daily journaling leads to valuable self-reflection, giving one a more intentional life. By this I mean you make more coherent decisions day-to-day. You start actually making decisions instead of letting decisions make you in a sense. You stop being the person who lets days go by unaccomplished. You stop being the person who lets things occur in your life, that you would otherwise disagree with. Blogging, or journaling, forces you to use that voice. That voice that agrees or disagrees. The voice that is yours. Maybe you haven’t heard it in a while? It forces you to think about what you value, what you want to accomplish, and who you want to be. It allows you to reflect on your life, and your choices, and change your aim in needed. It pushes you to evaluate your self.

Evaluating your self, your choices, your dreams, accomplishments, goals, morales, etc. gives you a better understand of who you are. Understanding who you are allows you to address your needs: mentally, physically, emotionally… Understanding your needs allows you to make better decisions, essentially making you the person you’d like to be. Always improving upon who you see in the mirror. This for some is crucial, even if you don’t know if! I know for me at least it is crucial. I look in the mirror and see a person I don’t like to say I recognize most days. I also know many people who feel the same way. ‘Stuck’ in someone they don’t recognize. ‘Stuck’ in someone they don’t like. ‘Stuck’ in someone who could do better.

Since many of us have similar experiences, maybe my open self-reflection can open up doors in other’s lives that did not exist before. If my experiences are relatable, and can inspire just one person, or help someone feel less alone, my goals have been accomplished.

This is why I write. 100% of the time I feel alone. But, 100% of the time I know I am not. Maybe this will help me change me, in the long run. And that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

A lot of what I write is randomly generated ideas.
Some to do with just being human, and how hard or sometimes easy that can be.
Some to do with nothing important at all.
Sometimes I write just to take my mind elsewhere.
Sometimes I write to relieve.

The common denominator, is that I ALWAYS WRITE. So you can ALWAYS expect to read.

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