Strudel Based God

Can you fathom it?


Whilst watching a man play a new and popular video game on the PS4, titled “For Honor”, I witnessed the most wonderful gamer-tag (for those of you who don’t speak PS4, gamer-tag = name). His name was (assuming gender)… strudelbasedgod. I was so happy with this name I asked the man sitting next to me…

“Can you please private message him and tell him I like his gamer-tag?” I requested excitedly.

“No. He doesn’t get props for being a prick!” He grunted at me. Disgusted I would ask to compliment a player who had just killed him.

“But his name is mind-blowing! Can you even fathom a God that is strudel based?” I exclaimed in a last ditch effort.

“Yeah, he’s soft as f**k!” He said immediately.

I was amazed. That comeback didn’t even cross my mind, and he said it so freely and easily! Soft, like a strudel, yet soft, like emotionally. This I found laughable, but I still loved imagining a strudel based God. Things like that don’t offer themselves up regularly to be pondered, especially things so absurd. I am slightly devastated that I will not be able to tell strudelbasedgod how much I appreciated the momentary mental break I received from his name, nor the pleasure in experiencing the concept alone.

Dear strudelbasedgod,

If you ever read this, please know your name is exceptional, and please continue to be fabulous at picking names.



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