If you could live in a different country…

Hot and tropical? Or bustling city life? Ah the choices…


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

If I could live in a different country (which is worded poorly, because almost anybody ‘could’ live anywhere), I would most likely pick somewhere I long to travel to. A place that has been atop my bucket list for eons. France! To be honest, my French is terrible, but something about the ‘romantic city’ of Paris is too alluring to pass up. The Eiffel Tower is too magnificent to not see with my own eyes. The Louvre is filled with so many exquisite artist’s works, one could spend days touring the many paintings! The Notre Dame is too historical to not at least visit once. And the Seine… I’m not so sure what is so special about a river, but that name is wondrous! Ah, to live in a very tiny flat near Montmartre, with dark broken windows looking across dusty streets of cobblestone and old mortar. It sounds too much like a place in a good book to actually exist, but if I could find a place like that, I would live there. Unfortunately that will be hard to come by in this modern time… and on that note, I think I was born in the wrong century!

Where would you live, if you could live in a different country?

2 thoughts on “If you could live in a different country…

  1. Hm, I could see myself living in England or Scotland. I like the weather there, believe it or not but I also love the rolling hills in England or the ruggedness of Scotland.
    I also could live in Sweden, I love the nature in Sweden and the mentality of the Swedish.
    Another potential would be France or Italy.
    I can adapt very well, but for sure it would be Europe.


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m glad to see another soul who would love to dwell in not only a different country, but a different continent! Very brave. Love your comment. I agree that anywhere in Europe would be magical!

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