Making Art, or something?

Trying something from Pinterest… again!


Ever get inspired by something you find on Pinterest? Ohhh yeah, you know what I’m talking about. The DIY that “Can’t possibly be that hard!” or the painting that inspires the artist out of you. I’ve been both. Today I am the latter. I found this painting on Pinterest that I LOVED, and thought maybe I could replicate it, with some minor creative genius! Thus I give you, Exhibit A: The Original.

Pinterest Painting

Now, I’m artsy but not super artsy, so I have no idea what medium this person used just by looking at it. I decided to use acrylics myself, and adapt it with a bleed effect by using water. The background stripes made me think of cardboard, so I decided to play around with some mixed media. I (ever so selfishly, while shedding many tears) torn the cover off an old book I had laying around, and peeled out the pages, one by one… I then glued these pages to my canvas, and marked out the two lovers’ faces.


Clearly I made out more of an estimated shape… terribly I might add. But that is the beauty of art! “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Then I added the black fill and outlines, similar color placement but different shades, and started the bleed process. I also fixed the unfortunate chin I gave the male counterpart in my paint sketch… Personally, I think it looks tenfold better than what I started with above!


Then I decided to get a bit more creative, and tried to modernize it with chunky black outlines, and block facial features with white highlights. My finished product doesn’t have near as much depth as the original piece, nor does it look as fluid, but it is a finished product nonetheless!


Let me know about an art project you’ve done from Pinterest, and how it turned out for you! Happy Pinning!

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