Something A Robot Could Never Do…

Like fall in love?


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

Ah love. Is that not the number one thing that comes to mind (for most of us anyways) when we think about things that robots lack? Alongside compassion, they also lack creativity, humour, and other emotions. I’m no scientist, but I have yet to hear about or read about any robot that has anything more human than it’s artificial intelligence. Though this was my first thought, I wanted to think outside the box. What would I miss if the world became robotically inclined and I was the last human on Earth… Yes likely love, but also surprise. Robots will never be able to exceed exceptions. They are programmed for a specific task, to complete the task 100% of the time, at 100% correctness. That’s what they’re built for, no? To be better at performing tasks than humans. Assembling cars, manufacturing products, computing… But, they will never be able to think outside the box, or be innovative, or do more than is expected. Depending on the context, we humans might see fit to do some things a little differently, for different people, or a little extra, over and above. Especially in the customer service industry. If I was the last woman on Earth, I would likely be sad, and maybe I would want to buy myself some flowers. With tears in my eyes I walk to the counter and ask for a dozen roses. Roses are given, and paid for. Transaction complete. But if I was the second last woman on Earth, I would likely still be sad, and buy myself those roses. Only this time, the other second last woman is working the counter, and she adds a card that says ‘Let’s be friends’. Surprise! I’d leave with a smile on my face. The ability to do more than instructed is as huge asset that many of us take for granted. Though introverted myself, I can still appreciate human interaction. However, I do look forward to the day I get a robot butler. I’ll name him Percy.

What do you think robots will never be able to do? Share with me your answer by commenting below!

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