The Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Seen

Can you think of just one?


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

This one really got me thinking. Where do I find beauty? What does it look like to me? Is it a place I have been? Is it someone I have seen? Is it an emotion I have witnessed in others? I could probably give you an answer for each of those individually, but so broadly put… what is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen? “Geez, I don’t know” comes to mind many times in a row. But I am creative, so I force myself to think on it, and can firmly decide thatI have not the slightest idea. There is beauty in everything. Like the way my dog says good morning to me when he wakes up, and forgot I was sleeping next to him. His ears go down and his lips curl up, his eyes get all squinty and he flips his tail back and forth. That is beautiful to me. Like the way a little girl reaches for her dad’s hand when they are out for a walk. I remember being her age and doing the same thing. My dad was my hero, and holding his hand made me feel powerful and loved. I can see the same thing in the little girl’s eyes. That is beautiful to me. Like the way the sun sets behind the mountains sending red, orange, and pink streaks jutting out from behind, painting the sky like a portrait. This is beautiful to me. Like the way an unhealthy woman jogs down the street, determined to better herself today, unfazed by the onlookers whom are either judging her, or looking at her with the same “You Go Girl!” attitude I have. Her power, that is beautiful to me. Or like a parent playing with their infant child, and seeing the glow in all their eyes. That is beautiful to me. Every day I see beauty, and I will continue to see beauty every day of my life. I cannot simply pick the most beautiful, because everything is the most beautiful to me.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen? Can you pick one? Let me know below!

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