Battle of the Board Games

Why have they taken a back seat to video games?


What happened to playing board games? This is more of an open ended question, with no answer, but a lot of description. I used to play board games as a child. Snakes and Ladders, Yahtzee (does that count?), Uno, Monopoly, etc. And the games seem to just get better as we get older. Now theres games like Pandemic, Catan, Harry Potter Clue, Citadels, Lords of Waterdeep, Munchkins, D&D, or oldies but goodies: Oxford Dilemma, and STARE. But amidst the new world of technology and the ever powerful internet connection, board games are rarity, unless you’re part of the geek/nerd community that gather once a week for some serious tabletop shenanigans (which I am proud to take part in). As for the rest of society, and the world for that matter, this joy is lost on them. Less than a quarter of the people I interact with have even heard of Settlers of Catan. And I thought that was one of the more popular ones! Children nowadays play with iPads instead of Connect 4. This saddens me. I feel like the last of a generation. Who’s with me?

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