If You Could Start A Charity

Why is this not already a thing?


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

One word. Adoption. Yes there are many charities that are adoption focused (At least in Canada). They try to make it more easy for families to find children who are desperately seeking forever homes. Their number one priority is finding parents for children, not children for parents, and I agree 100% with their tactics. And I also understand many government laws are in place that make it difficult to adopt, atop that you find even more regulations, and heck, even the social services agents are underpaid and stacked with the work of two people, making it even more difficult for children to find families. If I could start a charity, I would do something  little different than those charities already in place…I would attempt to make the cost of adopting a child next to nothing. I know for a fact that one of the top deterrents for adoption, is how expensive the process itself is. Many more children could have homes if the process were achievable for the majority of society, instead of the select few who make an abnormally large amount of money in a year. For a single mom who wishes her child had a sibling. For the homosexual couple who physically cannot have a child of their own. For the heterosexual couple for which one is barren. For the woman who chose career over the making a family, and now wants to have a family but cannot. For the person or persons who wish to not reproduce, but to adopt because there are already enough children in the world without a home. For the person or persons who wish to adopt because they have enough love to share… Now I can’t say exactly how I would make this charity work, but I would certainly figure it out, and try my hardest if it were in my future.

What charity would you start? Let me know in the comments!

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