Words That Stung

That also shaped my life…


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

Words that stung. This is a tough topic for me. A lot of words in my life have stung, and I remember all of them like yesterday, like the glue that binds a novel together. I don’t want to get too heavy, or dark, or intimate, so I’ll describe a lighter event. When I was about 12, I got into an argument with my parents, over something trivial I’m sure. I stormed off to my room, slammed the door, and began to cry. I remember being really upset, and I was crying really hard. Whilst caught up in my own little world of despair, my father yelled out to me from the living room, “Shut up, you’re not a f**king baby anymore,” and from that moment on I became determined to master the silent cry. And I have. I’ve always been a sensitive person, and I always take tings to heart, but this event shaped me as a person. That is why it is especially memorable. I now no longer allow others to witness my tears, unless it is completely unavoidable, as I do not wish to burden others with my sadness. I understand that this isn’t always optimal, but no one is perfect!

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