A Difficult Choice Made

That set my life on the wrong path.


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

The most difficult choice I have ever made is also the one I regret the most in my life. I made the wrong choice, and it changed my life. I’m slowly rebuilding my life, but I could have been much farther along had I not taken 10 steps back. This choice, was to move back to my hometown, or to stay living in Vancouver. I chose the latter, because one of my family member was really sick, on a permanent stay at the hospital, and I felt it was important to spend time with family in times of need. As selfish as it might be to say, however, I wish I’d stayed. I left a great, stress free life that I loved, in a city I loved, to move back. My old life in my hometown was really difficult, with a lot of unhealthy choices, negativity, toxic relationships, and I had developed a true hatred of the city and the people in it. Being away for a while did not change that. The atmosphere is still so constrained, and now that everything is well on the family front, I’m stuck in a life I hate. I’m desperately trying to get my life back to the place it was, but it is more difficult said than done, and I truly believe now that moving away again is the only thing that will fix it…

What is a difficult choice you made in your life? Was it for there better, or was it worse? Let me know in the comments!

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