What Makes You Unique?

Can you make your tongue into the shape of a clover?


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

No two people are the same. Even if you’re a twin you have your own unique personality.  What makes me unique? I’m a playstation gamer, a board gamer, a PC gamer… thats pretty common these days. I’m a nerd, an academia enthusiast, a world traveller, and a novice art creator… which are also relatively common. I’m obsessed with trains, nutcrackers, books, thrift shopping, Mexican food, and road trips… again all normal things I think. This is starting to sound like a dating profile, no? I don’t have any special or strange talents… Maybe a mix of all those things together in one person makes me unique. Maybe I’m unique because I know what a catalytic converter is, and how to replace one, but I also like to Mod-Podge puzzles and hang them on my wall when I’ve completed them. I feel unique. My inner most thoughts are unique. My ideas are unique. I’m just unique because I say so!

What makes you unique? Let me know below!

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