22 Everyday Skills Everyone Should Have

Mostly simple things to learn…


We are not born automatically knowing any life skills, or can even recall how we learned them in the first place. Some of us never learn even the most basic ones. In some cases it isn’t important to learn many of these, and some are important but not taught. So if you left the nest before learning any of these, here is a brief list… go teach yourself!

  1. How to build a fire
  2. How to tie a knot
  3. How to sew
  4. How to wash and dry your clothes
  5. How to tie a tie
  6. How to haggle
  7. How to swim
  8. How to defend yourself
  9. How to do CPR
  10. How to check a wound for an infection
  11. How to grow vegetables
  12. How to cook
  13. How to set a table
  14. How to tip
  15. How to change a tire
  16. How to check the fluids in a vehicle
  17. How to drive a manual transmission vehicle
  18. How to parallel park
  19. How to read a map
  20. How to use a compass
  21. How to backup a computer
  22. How to send large files using the internet

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