Your Favourite Period of Time

A simpler time…


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

The 1800’s were clearly a time I would have thrived. The dress, the way people interacted, mostly living by candle light… I do understand that my life would have been spent homemaking, but I would be fine with that. I have no ambition to save lives or change lives. I’m happy just being happy. The 1800’s were full of new and exciting things that set my heart on fire. For example, the first steam train appeared in England. If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m a train nut! Then there’s the poofy high waisted dresses that made women look as if they were floating. And the very first photograph was taken in the late 1820’s! Moby Dick was published in the 1850’s, not that many women read back then, but it is a nice thought! Maybe I would have been one of the lucky ones. Thomas Edison invented electric light in the late 1870’s. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle released the first of the Sherlock Holmes stories in the late 1880’s. The Eiffel Tower was built also in the late 1880’s for the Paris exposition! X-rays were discovered in the late 1890’s… Many of my favourite things happened in the 1800’s. It would be the most wonderful (and maybe oppressive) time to have lived.

What period of time is your favourite? Maybe it hasn’t come yet? Get creative! Let me know in the comments!

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