One Thing You Want to Learn

Because of it’s beauty.


1 Paragraph Warm-Up

There are certainly a few things I’d love to learn, and to pick just one seems to be a difficult task. I would love to learn a second language, how to code, how to ballroom dance, and even how to type with my fingers properly situated on the keyboard! But if I had to pick only one of the things I wish to learn, it would be a second language. I know some French, which I learned during my high school and post secondary education. I also know a little German, and a little Thai, from my travels. A language I would love to learn more of would be French, as I am a true Parisian romantic at heart. But, the one language I really would love to learn to speak fluently, would be Russian. I love the sounds the syllables make, and could listen to it being spoken for hours. I can easily choose this to be the one thing I’d like to learn, because I’m certain that I did not have a choice in the language I was to learn, I would still be interested in learning it anyway.

What would you learn if you had the ability?

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